Okay, that's me sitting on that coconut tree in Onomea Bay. I made this site to share my love for and knowledge of Hawaii with the hope that you too may someday come to know and love my Hawaii. If, by chance or by plan, you are lucky enough to get to the Big Island of Hawaii. While I no longer live in Hawaii, I hope that you will experience all the wonder, beauty, kindness and gentleness of Hawaii that I have come to know. 

For the curious, I chose the name Wayward Hawaiian because I, like many of my fellow Hawaiians have moved to the continental United States following our degrees and careers in search of our own little patch of sand to call home. However, no matter how far you wander chasing your dreams, you retain the island warmth and aloha that is born into each Hawaiian. In addition, perhaps because I grew up sheltered on a small island in the Pacific, I am still in perpetual wonder at the grandeur and splendor of the world around us, if only we stop to look, touch, smell and otherwise engage it. I created my web site, MeleKohola.com,  and my blog, Wayward Hawaiian, to share pictures of Hawaii and world so that you can explore with me, the many things that I still wonder at in awe and fascination. I hope, in viewing these pictures, that you can share my sense of wonder and amazement, a sense that every day is new and full of vitality, a sense of unending curiosity that every child is born with and one I hope both you and I will never lose!